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New Distributor
Fairmont Marketing is a new NVE distributor for Australia. They have personnel with experience and expertise in NVE isolators

Strong Product Sales
NVE reported a 23% increase in quarterly product sales in its fiscal year results reported in May.

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Star Tribune 100
NVE moved up to number 73 in the latest Star Tribune rankings of publicly held Minnesota companies.

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NEW! 40 Mbps
QSOP RS-485 Transceiver
IL3685-1 DiagramThe world’s fastest isolated RS-485 transceivers are now also the world’s smallest. The new IL3685-1E is an ultrahigh-speed isolated transceiver in NVE’s ultraminiature, low thermal resistance QSOP-16 package.
Features include:
  • 40 Mbps data rate
  • PROFIBUS compliant
  • 600 VRMS working voltage
  • 2500 VRMS isolation voltage
  • 44000 year barrier life
  • Low EMC footprint
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • 4 mm by 5 mm low thermal resistance QSOP
0.3" SOIC-16,
0.15" SOIC-16, and
QSOP-16 packages.
Like all IsoLoop® isolators, the new device uses NVE’s patented IsoLoop spintronic Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) technology. A unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier provides excellent isolation and virtually unlimited barrier life.

There are now ten members of NVE’s isolated digital transceiver family in various packages, including the unique QSOPs, the industry’s smallest isolated transceivers:
Bus Data
IL3022 RS-422 4 2.5 kV SOIC-16
IL3085 RS-485 4 2.5 kV QSOP-16
0.15" SOIC-16
0.3" SOIC-16
IL3522 RS-422 40 2.5 kV;
6 kV
0.3" SOIC-16
IL3585 RS-485 40 2.5 kV;
6 kV
0.15" SOIC-16
0.3" SOIC-16
IL3685 RS-485/
40 2.5 kV;
6 kV
   0.15" SOIC-16   
0.3" SOIC-16
All ten part types are in stock and available for immediate delivery.
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Lab Results
World’s Fastest Isolated RS-485 Transceiver Demonstration 
To prove they really are the world’s fastest isolated RS-485 transceivers, NVE’s Chris Olson connected two 40 Mbps evaluation boards with 10 meters of twisted-pair shielded cable:

Demonstrating the world's fastest isolated RS-485 transceivers.
When the lab results were in, propagation delay measured just 96 ns for two transceivers, and about 33 ns of that was the speed of light through the 10 meter cable. That’s much faster than any competitive parts. Typical pulse skew is only one nanosecond, and the transceivers are also very well-matched—skew between any two devices is only 4 ns.

Click below to order 40 Mbps RS-485 evaluation boards to try it yourself:
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Recent Exhibitions
Sensor+Test visitors learned about the new AAL004-10E world’s smallest analog sensor.

PCIM EuropeAt the Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) show, we showed six-kilovolt isolators and previewed the new 40 Mbps QSOP Transceiver.
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