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QSOP Isolators
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TMR angle sensor

Document Updates
IL260/IL261 Isolator Datasheet

IL715/IL716/IL717 Isolator Datasheet

(Datasheet updates include new 4 and 5-channel QSOP-16 versions, more detailed thermal specifications, and VDE safety values)

Isolator Catalog rev. O
(includes QSOP Isolators and other new parts)

Memorial Day
Memorial DayNVE will be closed May 26 for Memorial Day.
NEW! QSOP Isolators
QSOP Isolator
Award-winning IsoLoop® IL700/ IL200-Series Isolators are now available in 16-pin QSOPs, making them the world’s densest high-performance isolators.

But miniaturization doesn’t mean performance compromises.

4 and 5-Channel Isolators
Best-in-class specifications include:
  • Four and five channel versions
  • 110 Mbps
  • 3 V to 5.5 V operation
  • 30 kV/µs min. transient immunity
  • 44000 year barrier life
  • 4 mm creepage
  • 600 WV per VDE 0884-10
  • 2500 V isolation voltage per UL1577

The unique package meets JEDEC standards, but low thermal resistance and low power enable the devices to run at high speed and high temperatures with no derating.

Like all IsoLoop Isolators, isolation is provided by a unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier with a remarkable estimated life of 44000 years.

Five QSOP isolator part types are in stock for immediate delivery:

(1 minute
 @ UL1577) 
IL715-1 4/0 110 2.5 kV 100C
IL716-1 2/2 110 2.5 kV 100C
IL717-1 3/1 110 2.5 kV 100C
IL260-1 5/0 110 2.5 kV 85C
IL261-1 4/1 110 2.5 kV 85C
Watch this space for more QSOP product announcements.
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NEW!QSOP Isolator Eval Board
QSOP Isolator Evaluation Board
Try the new QSOP versions of the award-winning IsoLoop® IL700-Series Isolators with this new evaluation board.

Five part types (four and five channels) are provided. All are 110 Mbps, 600 working voltage per VDE 0884-10, and 2500 V isolation voltage per UL1577.

Plenty of test points make it easy to evaluate the parts or connect them to your circuit without soldering.

Parts can be jumpered in or out for easy measurement of quiescent and dynamic power consumptions.

QSOPGround planes and pad layouts demonstrate best practices.

QSOP evaluation boards are in stock for immediate delivery.

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Upcoming Exhibitions
PCIM EuropeNVE products will be on display at Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (“PCIM”) Europe May 20 to 22 in Nürnberg, Germany. Two NVE distributors will exhibit—Isolators will be on display at the HY-LINE Power booth; sensors will be at the IS-LINE booth.
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Download Free Registration Coupon Courtesy HY-LINE Power >
NVE sensors will be on display at Sensor+Test 2014 June 3 to 5 in Nürnberg, Germany. NVE will exhibit in cooperation with distributor IS-LINE.

NVE engineers will be at both exhibitions to meet customers and answer questions.