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Reference Designs
A new Webpage consolidates Isolator Reference Designs. The page provides detailed, tested circuits for our most popular applications, including RS-485, PROFIBUS, isolated USB, CAN, and I²C.
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Fun Fact
Less storage space...
IL610-5 monolithic couplers are approximately 0.2 cubic millimeters. An Altoids box could hold more than 500,000 neatly stacked (we don't recommend storing parts in an Altoids box).
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Memorial Day
Memorial Day
NVE will be closed May 28 for Memorial Day.
NEW!IL600-Series Evaluation Board
The new IL600-Series Isolator evaluation board lets you try a variety of NVE’s unique IL600-Series Isolators.

The board has four IL600-Series isolators in four package types:
  • IL613E (wide-body SOIC-16)
  • IL614-3E (narrow-body SOIC-16)
  • IL611-3E (SOIC-8)
  • Open-drain IL610A-1E (MSOP-8)

A pushbutton and LED demonstrates the unmatched flexibility of these devices.

IL600-Series Evaluation Board

IL600-Series Evaluation Board

The award-winning IL600 and IL600A Series Isolators provide unique passive inputs for flexibility similar to LED-input optocouplers but better performance and higher package density than optocouplers. And their real ceramic/ polymer barriers last pretty much forever.

NVE also recently introduced the popular IL700-Series Evaluation Boards.
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New Distributor Name

IS-Line Logo
Long-time NVE sensor distributor HY-LINE Sensor-Tech is now IS-LINE. The new name reflects the firm’s focus on “intelligent sensor” systems. The same experts who have been supporting NVE customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for many years remain with the renamed firm.
Upcoming Exhibitions
PCIM EuropePowerful, intelligent NVE products will be on display at Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (“PCIM”) Europe 2012 in Nürnberg, Germany. See us May 8 to 10 in the HY-LINE Power booth.
<Free Registration Courtesy HY-LINE Power>

Sensor+TestNVE sensors will be on display at Sensor+Test 2012 May 22 to 24 in Nürnberg, Germany. NVE will exhibit in cooperation with distributor IS-LINE.

Application Corner
IL600-Series Isolators

IsoLoop Isolators match optocoupler versatility but have smaller packages, less distortion, better reliability, and unlimited life.

IL600A-Series passive-input isolators are designed to be opto replacements with inputs similar to LEDs and outputs similar to phototransistors.

Inputs can be configured for inverting or non-inverting operation and accommodate a wide input voltage range. Versions are available with either CMOS or open-drain outputs.

Open-drain outputs can be wire-ORed together much like an optocoupler:

Multi-Channel Isolated Alarm Monitor Using IL610As

This illustrative circuit provides fail-safe output (logic high output for zero input current), 2.5 kVrms isolation, and 20 kV/µs transient immunity. Typical logic output sink current is 10 mA for each isolator.

For more information, you can watch this technical video:
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