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    April 1, 2017 Electrifying  News  From  NVE
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Datasheet Updates
AA/AB-Series Analog sensor datasheet
Updates; new reference circuits

AD-Series Digital sensor datasheet
Updates; new reference circuits

GT-Series gear-tooth sensor datasheet
Updates; improved graphics and new reference circuits


New YouTube Videos
Magnet distance Web application
Current sensing Web application
AAT / Arduino Chrome browser demo
Nanopower Sensor Demonstrator
ADT-Series TMR Rotation Sensors

Earth Day April 22
NVE is committed to the safety, health, and protection of people and the environment.

For more information, visit our Environmental and Social Governance page
Foolproof Website Apps
A new set of Web apps on NVE’s award-winning Website lets you simulate the outputs of NVE sensors with different magnets or current-carrying traces at various distances.

The handy simulations accommodate cylindrical, disk, or rectangular magnets, or a variety of current-carrying traces. Analog, digital, and Nanopower sensors are supported.

The simple, intuitive apps do the complex math for you. This video demonstrates their remarkable accuracy compared to experimental data:

Recent Exhibitions
Embedded World
Distributor HY-LINE Power Components featured NVE’s unique 6 kV V-Series Isolators at the recent Embedded World exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany.
Upcoming Conferences
NVE researchers are presenting two invited papers at the upcoming Intermag Conference in Ireland:

“Bio-Applications of Giant Magnetoresistance and Tunneling Magnetoresistance Phenomena: In-Flow Magnetic Biomarker Detection”


“Spintronic Sensors in Transportation”
Infinite Resistance Angle Sensor
April FoolApril 1—You may know about NVE’s unique family of Tunneling Magnetoresistance angle sensors. Last year we introduced a six megohm version with less than 400 nW power consumption on a single 1.5-volt battery. We even demonstrated the part by running it with the current from a currant.

We figured the power couldn’t get any lower.

But our engineers outdid themselves. This April 1, we’re introducing AAT∞ infinite resistance angle sensors:
Infinite resistance angle sensor
The AAT∞ takes angle sensing
to infinity and beyond.
AAT∞ features include:
  • Infinite resistance, so the sensors will run from now to the end of time on any power source. Or no power source.

  • No output signal. Or maybe there is one, but since the output impedance is infinite, the signal goes away if you try to measure it. And if there was an output, it would be Vcc x (∞/∞), which is indeterminate. In any case, having no output eliminates the need for subsequent circuitry.

  • No temperature rise, simplifying thermal management.

No Package Options
Because even NVE’s ultrahigh isolation packages are a tiny bit conductive, the AAT∞ isn’t packaged. For the same reason, it has no die either.

The are are two quantity prices: infinite price at zero quantity and zero price at infinite quantity.
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