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    April 1, 2014 Electrifying  News  From  NVE
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Earth Day April 22
NVE is committed to the safety, health, and protection of people and the environment.

For more information, visit our Environmental and Social Governance page
Foolproof CAN Bus Transceiver
Designed for harsh CAN environments, IL41050TA single-chip isolated CAN transceivers have a -55 to +125C operating range, bus pin transient protection, thermal shutdown protection, short-circuit protection, minimum transient immunity of 30 kV/s, and isolation resistance of 1014 ohms.

The IL41050TA isolated CAN transceiver
The nearly foolproof IL41050TA isolated CAN transceiver
Unique edge-triggered inputs improve noise performance. IL41050 transceivers are IEC 60747-5-5 (VDE 0884) certified and rated for a remarkable 600 working volts. A wide-body version has true 8 millimeter creepage per IEC 60601.

Here’s a reference circuit:
Foolproof Isolated CAN Circuit
A foolproof IL41050TA reference circuit
The decoupling capacitors can reduce power supply noise. With no external components, the IL41050 withstands 200 volt bus transients, and a PSM712 or similar transient suppressor can be added for additional bus ESD protection if necessary.

No fooling, it’s a harsh world. You need a tough isolator.
  IL41050TA data sheet (.pdf)

  CAN Isolation (02:02)
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NEW! Data Translation Couplers
April 1—NVE isolators have always been ideal for translating data protocols like RS-422, RS-485, PROFIBUS, and CAN.

Groundbreaking new products to be launched April 1 will also translate the language layer with NVE’s unique isolation technology. The ILDT4-1-Series Data Translation Couplers will be available in Mandarin, German, and New Zealand versions.

Unidirectional versions allow data translation without having to listen to the other side, and bidirectional devices are also available.

NVE’s unique spintronic technology allows the devices to run at very high speed, ideal for fast talkers. The Mandarin Chinese version is particularly fast:

Mandarin Data Translator
The Mandarin Data Translator
(part # ILDT4-1-CN)
The bidirectional German version includes an output driver code-named Autobahn because it drives like a maniac. The German-to-English channel has a harshness filter to prevent the German from making your ears bleed:

German Data Translator
The German Data Translator
(part # ILDT4-1-DE)
Though technically English speakers, NVE learned the importance of New Zealand translators while attempting to communicate with a new distributor in Auckland.

The New Zealand translator misspells random words, adds superfluous vowels, and has an 18-hour propagation delay.

Interest in the New Zealand part has been “bonzers”:

New Zealand Data Translator
The New Zealand Data Translator
(part # ILDT4-1-NZ)