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Introducing the ACT001 Inline Current Sensor
Introducing the ALT023 High-Sensitivity TMR Magnetometer
ADC Using an SPI isolator with Integrated DC-DC Convertor
Ultraprecise TMR Gear-Tooth Sensors
NEW! Analog TMR Current Sensor
The ACT001-10E is a high-sensitivity, inline analog TMR current sensor for AC or DC measurements.

The part is in an ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 mm DFN6 package with an integrated current strap:

ACT001-10E Current Sensorr

A Wheatstone bridge configuration provides a bipolar differential output proportional to the current through the strap:

ACT001 Symbol

Key ACT001-10E specifications include:
  • ±500 mA linear range
  • 0.04 mV/V-mA sensitivity (typ.)
  • 0 to 14 V supply (no minimum)
  • Ratiometric output
  • Fully isolated
  • -40 to 125 °C temperature range
  • Ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.8 mm DFN6 package

Applications include:
  • AC and DC motor control
  • Power measurement
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Battery management systems

Download the Datasheet »

Demonstration Video
This video demonstrates the new ACT001. We plot the sensor's transfer function and demonstrate AC and DC applications:

ALT023 Demo

Available Now 
ACT001-10E sensors are in stock for immediate delivery.
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Highlights from the recent Joint MMM-Intermag Conference in New Orleans:
  •  All of the winning entries for the Magnetic Sensor Challenge used NVE sensors. Here are videos of the winners:
  » A magnetic flute
  » Sensing beer level
  » Respiration sensor
  •  NVE researcher Justin Watts co-authored a paper titled, “Magnetic noise measurements and demonstration of a field-induced magnetic monopole plasma in artificial spin ice.”
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