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NVE received a 2011 North American Technology Innovation of the Year Award for the Magnetic Sensors market from Frost & Sullivan.
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Spring Forward
Spring Forward
 Saving Time
begins Sunday, March 13. Set your clocks forward an hour. It's also a good time to check smoke alarms and make sure your interface circuits are isolated.

St. Patrick’s Day Jokes
Q. What's Irish and stays out all night?
A. Patty O'Furniture.

Q. What's big and purple and lies next to Ireland?
A. Grape Britain.
Featured Product
IL700/IL200 Series Isolators
The Ultimate in Speed and Performance
IsoLoop: The Opto Alternative
The IL700 and IL200-Series Digital Isolators provide unsurpassed performance and flexibility, including highest data rates, smallest packages, lowest distortion, low power consumption, widest temperature range, and 2,500 Vrms isolation. All devices are UL1577 and IEC61010 approved. Popular IL700/IL200 applications include serial interfaces, isolated CANbus, isolated SPI, isolated A/D converters, and power interfaces.

Click on our new video for an overview of these industry-leading parts: 

IL700/IL200 features include:

  • IL200 Series—Five channels per package
  • IL700-1 Series—World’s smallest isolators (MSOP-8)
  • IL700S Series—Fastest (150 Mbps) and lowest PWD (300 ps)
  • IL700T Series—Highest operating temperature (125°C)

All IL700/IL200 part types are in stock and available for same-day shipment, with no minimum order:
ParametersMin. Typ.  Max.  Units
 Data Rate (S-Series) 100 (130)  110 (150)   Mbps 
 PWD (S-Series) 3 (0.3)3ns
 Propagation Delay 1015ns
 Prop. Delay Skew 46ns
 Pulse Jitter 100 ps
 Transient Immunity2030 kV/µs
 Temperature Range    
   Std. IL700 Series
   IL200 Series
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St. Patrick's Day Featured Distributor

Founded in 1975, Rhopoint became one of NVE’s first distributors in 1995. Rhopoint and its affiliates support
NVE sensors and isolators in Ireland (St. Patrick's Day and year round), as well as the UK and Scandinavia.

NVE’s award-winning products are available in more than 75 countries and our distributors speak countless languages, even if you count what they speak in the UK and Ireland as English.

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From the Application Desk
Real-world questions
from the NVE Application Desk

Q. The IL700 datasheet specifies a maximum data rate of at least 100 Mbps (150 Mbps for the S-Series) but the maximum frequency is 50 Mhz. What's the difference between baud and hertz?

A. There are two bits of data in every 50 ns cycle running at the maximum speed (see diagram below). Therefore:

Maximum data rate = 2 x maximum frequency

So the maximum data rate is 100 Mbps for 50 MHz devices like IL700-Series Isolators.

Extracting, or qualifying that data requires a 100 MHz clock, but the maximum transfer rate is still 100 Mbps.

In addition to best in class speed, IsoLoop isolators have remarkable pulse-width distortion and jitter specifications. Because fast is no good if it’s garbled.
100 Mbps is 50mhz
IsoLoop Data Transfer

Click on our new video explaining baud and hertz:

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