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Reference Design: Switch-Mode Power Supply Gate Driver with an IL711 Isolator

AAV004-02E Isolated 5A Current Sensor Datasheet Rev D.

Financial Strength
NVE’s net income increased for the third consecutive quarter in results reported January 21.

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Application Tools
Magnetic Field Strength Calculator 

Magnetic Field Dimensions
What’s the field strength one inch from the face of a 6 mm diameter, 4 mm long Ceramic 8 magnet?

You could dust off Maxwell’s equations and do some multivariate calculus.

Or you can download our Flux Density Calculator Excel spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet calculates magnetic field intensity in Oersteds from a disk or bar magnet at various distances. It's invaluable for the design of magnetic sensor systems, and it can also make you the life of any party.
Upcoming Exhibitions
Embedded World 2015
Isolator distributor HY LINE Power Components is exhibiting at the Embedded World exhibition, February 24 to 26 in Nuremberg, Germany in stand 1-170. IsoLoop Isolated Bus Transceivers are popular for embedded applications.
From the Application Desk
RS-485 A/B Naming Conventions 
Q. The PROFIBUS and RS-485 standards define A as
inverting (-) bus connection and B is non-inverting (+), but NVE’s isolated transceiver datasheets are the reverse.

What gives?

A. Unfortunately there is no consistency in the industry on whether A or B are inverting or non-inverting. Most transceiver ICs use the reverse naming convention from the PROFIBUS and RS-485 standards.

We follow the transceiver chip convention because many of our customers are replacing non-isolated transceiver ICs.

The confusion is unfortunate, but changing datasheets would be more confusing.
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