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Record Product Sales
NVE reported record product sales in the most recent quarter, a 38% year-over-year increase.

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IL800-Series Top-of-the-Line Isolators

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  •  VDE compliance
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Return those unwanted holiday gifts and get what you really want: NVE sensor and isolator Evaluation Kits.

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Happy Holidays
NVE will be closed Wednesday, December 25 and Wednesday, January 1.
We wish our readers the best this holiday season, and a successful 2014.
Isolators VDE Certified
NVE’s award-wining IsoLoop® Isolators have earned VDE certification for IEC 60747-5-5 (VDE0884), one of the few products in its class to meet the demanding new standard.

Key compliance features are:
    •   Best-in-class 600 Vrms WV, including unique MSOPs
•   True 8 mm creepage (per IEC 60601) wide-body versions
44000-year barrier life
IEC 60747-5-5 is based on partial discharge testing, which is becoming the gold standard for isolator high-voltage performance and safety. Like pressure testing a surgical glove, partial discharge testing detect tiny imperfections that could rip into large holes.

Working voltage is replacing isolation voltage as the figure of merit for isolators. It is meant to cover line voltage, line voltage variations, and one-time high-voltage transients.
“Isolation voltage” allows partial discharge failures that can degrade the barrier and damage circuitry.

IsoLoop VDE specifications are:
    •   4000 Vpk surge voltage and transient overvoltage
•   Each part tested at 1590 Vpk for 1 second, 5 pC partial discharge limit
Each lot sample tested at 4000 Vpk (1500 Vpk for MSOP) for 10 sec.; then 1358 Vpk for 60 sec. with 5 pC partial discharge limit
Service Class is determined by the required working voltage and the transient overvoltage (see below). IsoLoop Isolators have a rated working voltage of 600 Vrms and a transient overvoltage rating of 4000 Vpk:

VDE Transient Overvoltage

The green shading highlights IsoLoop conformance. If, for example, a working voltage of 300 Vrms is required for 220 V/240 V mains line voltage, the Isolators meet Service Class III.
Award-winning IsoLoop® Isolators.
The first. The best. Always getting better.

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New Video
This new technical video has more information on the NVE isolator agency approvals:
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Play Video ->
The new video also showcases NVE’s spectacular new Virtual Applications Center, new technical experts, and a new animation rendering engine:

New Distributors
Customers are saying Buon giorno to CFC Electronic,
CFC Electronic
appointed to represent NVE’s award-winning isolators in Italy. The company is based near Milan and has several offices.
NVE recently
appointed IS-POWER as a franchised distributor for Turkey. IS-POWER is a new company staffed by native Turkish-speaking isolation experts. So Merhaba to them.
Jing Shi
Say “” to Jing Shi Technology, which has been appointed to represent NVE’s full line in China. Jing Shi is already representing NVE’s isolator lines.
Recent Exhibitions
SPS IPC DrivesNVE products were on display at SPS IPC Drives in November in Nuremberg, in cooperation with distributor IS-LINE.

SPS IPC Drives is billed as Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation.