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Holiday Application Corner
Eliminating Holiday Jitters
By Sandy Templeton
Director, Isolator
Product Development and Applications

Holiday stress can make us jittery, but isolators don't have to.

Audio applications are an example of where minimizing isolator jitter is especially important. NVE’s IL700-Series Isolators have jitter as low as a remarkable as 50 ps, making them ideal for audio circuits or anywhere you want to cure the jitters.

It is extremely desirable to have serial data from a CD or MP3 source isolated from the analog portions of the sound system to eliminate ground loops (speaker hum) and high frequency pickup caused by digital currents flowing in analog current paths:
CD Transport Circuit

Low-Jitter Isolated CD Transport Circuit
Almost any isolator can cure your hum and high frequency current noise problems, but non-NVE jittery isolators add phase shift to the PCM data stream for cringe-worthy audio:

Bad Music Good Music
Conventional Jitter
Isolator Jitter
IsoLoop Jitter
IsoLoop Isolator
Holiday Shopping Guide:
Choosing the Right Isolator

IsoLoop--The Opto AlternativeWith over 100 isolator models, this NVE Holiday Shopping Guide helps you choose the best IsoLoop isolator for your application:

Application RequirementIsolator Design FeatureProducts
High data rate
High bandwidth GMRIL7xx, IL2xx
Smallest packagesMSOP8 or narrow-body SOIC16All
Analog or differential inputsPassive (coil) inputIL6xx
Low PWD, 50 ps jitter
High slew rate electronicsIL7xx, IL2xx
Low EMC footprintData-driven transfer functionIL7xx, IL2xx, IL5xx
Low quiescent power
Pulsed magnetic fieldIL7xx, IL2xx, IL5xx
Low dynamic powerEdge-sensitive switchingIL6xx
Excellent transient immunityLow capacitanceAll
Known initial outputInternal refresh or passive input IL5xx (Internal refresh);
IL6xx (passive input)
Channel-to-channel isolationIsolated inputsIL611, IL613
Wired-OR outputs Open-drain outputs IL6xxA (“A” types)
Fail-safe operation Known zero-input stateIL6xx
DC correct
Inherently DC correct or refresh IL6xx (Inherently DC correct);
IL5xx (refresh)
Optocoupler emulation
Passive inputIL6xx
Isolated transceiver
Single-chip isolated RS-422, RS-485, PROFIBUS, or CANIL3xxx; IL4xxx
Cost sensitiveLower-speed interfaceIL5xx
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