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2.5 kV MSOP Isolators

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New Products
2.5 kV MSOP Isolators
(see story at right)

IL711VE 5 kV Isolation Two-channel Isolators

QSOP Isolators

Document Updates
IL41050TA Isolated CAN Transceiver Datasheet Rev. J
(QSOP version added)

IL3085 Isolated RS-485 Transceiver Datasheet Datasheet Rev. F
(added QSOP version)

IL200/IL700 Isolator Datasheets
(added wide-body V-Series versions with best-in-class 1 kV Working Voltage and V-1 series MSOPs with 2.5 kV isolation):
•   IL260/IL261/IL262 Rev. S
IL710 Rev. AD
IL711/IL712/IL721 Rev. AG
IL715/IL716/IL717 Rev. AA

NVE Continues to Grow
Revenue increased 13% in NVE’s most recent quarter.

It was the company’s second consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.

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Spin Back
Spin Back
 Saving Time
ends Sunday, November 2. “Spin” your clocks back an hour.

NVE will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 27 and 28 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

We will be open on Veterans’ Day (November 11).
NEW! 2.5 kV MSOP Isolators
Unique IsoLoop® IL700-1 Series MSOP Isolators, the world’s smallest isolators, are now available in “V-1” versions that carry a full 2.5 kVrms isolation ratings.

The revolutionary IsoLoop ceramic/polymer composite barrier allows such remarkable performance in a tiny package, along with 44000 year extrapolated life and 1014 ohms barrier resistance.
2.5kV MSOP Isolator

The “V” suffix means enhanced high-voltage performance, and V-1 MSOP Isolators are 100% tested to withstand 3 kVrms—unprecedented for such a small part.
V-1 series MSOP specification highlights are:
  • Two channels
  • 110 Mbps
  • 2.5 kVrms isolation (1 minute) per UL 1577
  • 600 Working Voltage (line voltage) per VDE 0884-10
  • >1014 ohm barrier resistance
  • -40°C to +100°C operating temperature
  • 3 mm creepage
Unidirectional IL711V-1E
parts are in stock for immediate delivery, with the bidirectional IL712V-1E available next quarter.

The original MSOP versions with 1 kV isolation will continue to be available for applications not requiring safety isolation.
Product Datasheets >

Recent Exhibitions
NVE products were on display at Electronist in Istanbul, Turkey, recently in cooperation with our Turkish distributor IS-Power. The exhibition focussed on electronic components, power supplies and embedded systems.

Upcoming Exhibitions
SPS IPC DrivesSee NVE products at the electronica fair, November 11 to 14 in Munich, Germany in cooperation with distributor IS-LINE. electronica is billed as the world’s leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications.
Halloween Application Corner
RS-485 Doesn’t Have to Be Scary 
Noise, ground loops, and isolation are right up there with bats, spiders, ghosts, and goblins as things we'd rather not deal with.

So NVE takes the fright out of RS-485 with a full line of single-chip isolated RS-485 network transceivers.
RS-485 network transceiver
Here are some tips to keep your RS-485 design from becoming a nightmare:
  • Isolate the bus from the controller
  • Keep stubs short
  • Use twisted-pair cable
  • Shielding for long or fast busses
  • Ground one end of the shield
  • Terminate bus ends
  • Bias for fail-safe

 RS-485 Reference Designs >

 RS-485 Evaluation Boards >

 RS-485 Tips technical video (04:03) >
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