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November 2008
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Awards & Accolades
NVE Corporation ranked 39th in the list of the 200 Best Small Companies in the October 27, 2008 issue of Forbes.
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Fun Fact
The critical conduction layers in NVE sensors and isolators are around two nanometers thick, which is six atomic layers and less than one-ten thousandth the thickness of tissue paper.
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Product News
IL515 Expands IL500 Line

IL515 Functional DiagramThe IsoLoop IL500 Isolator family has a new member, the IL515. The four-channel part has an output enable and an external clocking option. It is an ideal alternative to optocouplers in a number of applications including isolated D/A converters.

Compared to NVE’s industry-standard IL700-Series isolators, which have speeds up to 150 Mbps, IL500-Series isolators operate at two Mbps, offer a DC-correct design, and have an external clocking option on some models.

A patented, controllable refresh clock ensures that outputs will be synchronized to inputs within 9 µs. Alternatively, on models such as the IL515, the user can supply an external synchronization clock.

Priced at $0.53 per channel in 1,000-piece quantities, the IL515 is NVE's most cost-effective isolator.

A number of IL500-Series isolators are currently in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Key IL500-Series isolator features include:

  • 2 Mbps; 10 ns PWD
  • DC Correct
  • External Clock Option (IL510; IL515)
  • Output Enable (IL510; IL514; IL515)
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 Channels
  • -40°C to 85°C Temp. Range
  • 2.5 kVrms Isolation (1 min.)
  • UL1577 Approval
  • IEC 61010-2001 Pending
  • MSOP and SOIC Packages
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Application Corner

12-Bit DAC Isolation
By Sandy Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

The IL515 is a four-channel digital isolator ideally suited for parallel bus isolation. Though not as fast as the IL715, The IL515 has an internal clock that provides input data refresh pulses. The clock gives the device DC-correct inputs, meaning device outputs will never be out of sync with device inputs for longer than the pulse width of the clock. That's especially useful in applications where device outputs must be the same as device inputs at power up.

12-Bit DAC Isolation

The circuit above uses three IL515s to isolate a 12-bit DAC. The unique SYNC function allows the internal clock to be shut off, eliminating the small amount of noise associated with this clock. A reset pulse is applied at power-on to ensure correct data on the isolator outputs. After the reset pulse goes high, data transfer from input to output is initiated by the leading edge of each changing data bit.IsoLoop--The Opto Alternative

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Isolator Part Numbering

The IsoLoop part numbering system is really quite straightforward once you get to know it, as summarized below:

IL 7 11 T - 3 E TR7

Base Part Number
  2 = 5-Channel Digital Input
  4 = Industry-Standard Xcvr
  5 = 2 Mbps, DC-Correct
  6 = Passive Input
  7 = High Speed, Digital Input
  31 = Passive-In, 5 Mbps Xcvr
  32 = Passive-In, 1/8-Load Xcvr
  34 = Passive-In, 20 Mbps Xcvr
  35 = Digital-In, 40 Mbps Xcvr
  36 = PROFIBUS Transceiver
Channel Config.
  10 = 1 Channel
  11 = 2 Transmit
  12 = 1 Xmit; 1 Rcv
  13 = 3 Transmit
  14 = 2 Xmit; 1 Rcv
  15 = 4 Transmit
  16 = 2 Xmit; 2 Rcv
  17 = 3 Xmit; 1 Rcv
  22 = RS-422
  60 = 5 Transmit
  61 = 4 Xmit; 1 Rcv
  62 = 3 Xmit; 2 Rcv
  85 = RS-485
  Blank = Standard
  A = Open Drain Output
  S = 150 Mbps
  T = 125°C
  W = RS-485 Handshake
Package Size
  1 = MSOP
  2 = PDIP
  3 = 0.15'' SOIC
  5 = Bare die
  Blank = 0.30'' SOIC
Package Material
  Blank = Lead (Pb)
  E = RoHS
Bulk Packaging
  Blank = Tube
  TR7 = 7'' Tape & Reel
  TR13 = 13'' T & R