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Isolated Transceiver with DC-DC Convertor

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NEW! Isolated Transceiver
With 3.3-to-5 V DC-to-DC Convertor
IL4822NVE has introduced the IL4822 isolated RS-485/RS-422 transceiver with an integrated 3.3-to-5 volt isolated DC-to-DC boost convertor.

It is ideal for interfacing 3.3-volt controllers to ubiquitous five-volt busses. The new part complements the previously-announced IL4622E, which has a 3.3-to-3.3 volt DC-to-DC convertor for interfacing to newer 3.3 V busses.

The new part is based on the revolutionary IsoLoop® DC-to-DC convertor technology first introduced in ILDC11xxx stand-alone isolated DC-to-DC convertors.

Key IL4822 features include:
  • 250 mW 3.3-to-5 volt DC-to-DC boost convertor
  • 40 Mbps RS-485 or RS-422 data rate
  • 1 mVp-p DC-to-DC output ripple
  • 2.5 kVrms isolation
  • JEDEC-standard wide-body SOIC with true 8 mm creepage

High Power
The 250 mW integrated DC-to-DC boost convertor has enough current to power a single bus node or multiple nodes.

Highest Speed
The IL4822 is rated at a best-in-class 40 Mbps for high speed, long transmission distances, and high signal fidelity RS-485 or RS-422 data transmission.

Lowest Ripple
One millivolt peak-to-peak ripple on the DC-to-DC convertor output is an order of magnitude less than conventional parts and means low noise and reliable systems.

Full Isolation
Both the transceiver and DC-to-DC convertor modules are rated for full 2.5 kVrms isolation. The parts are VDE V 0884-11 certified under the stringent new IEC 60747-17 requirements, and UL1577 registered.

Standard Package

The new part is packaged in JEDEC-standard 16-pin wide-body packages with true 8 mm creepage in accordance with IEC60601.

Lowest EMI
Frequency hopping and integrated shielding provide the lowest EMI in the industry.

Low Parts Count
The integrated DC-to-DC convertor requires no additional regulation and ferrite beads are not necessary for EMI mitigation.

Available Now
The new IL4822E is in stock for immediate delivery, as well as the 3.3-to-3.3 volt IL4622E and a full line of IL76xxVE data couplers with DC-to-DC convertors.
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  Happy Mole Day
Mole Day will be 10-23!

It's a day where we all celebrate Avogadro's Number, and a mole goes a long way in spintronics.

For example, a mole of magnesium oxide (6.02 x 1023 molecules, or 40.3 grams) makes about an acre (43,560 square feet) of three nanometer-thick spin-dependent tunnel barrier.
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