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Document Updates

ADL-Series Nanopower digital sensor datasheet
New power consumption specs.

Ridiculously Low Power Digital Sensors
ADL Sensor Iq
ADL-Series Sensors run
almost forever on a watch battery
A new manufacturing process has allowed us to tighten the already ridiculously low power consumption specifications of ADL-Series Nanopower Magnetic Switches.

Duty Cycled
Internally duty cycled versions (the ADL0xx and ADL1xx Series) will run nearly forever on lithium button cells, making them ideal for battery applications such as gas and water meters, or portable instruments.

Configured as Switches
Outputs are configured as magnetic “switches,” turning on when a magnetic field is applied and off when the field is removed. The field can be either polarity, and the magnetic operate point is extremely stable over supply voltage and temperature.

Integrated Latches
Integrated latches ensure the outputs are continuously available. Two duty-cycle frequencies are available, offering a tradeoff between update frequency and power consumption. Continuously-operating versions (the ADL9xx Series) are also available.

ADL-Series Sensors fit on the head of a pin
ADL-Series Sensors fit
on the head of a pin.
ADL sensors are also NVE’s smallest parts at just 1.1 mm x 1.1 mm x 0.35 mm.

Key Specifications
  • 2.4 to 3.6 V supply voltage
  • As low as 84 nW power consumption at 2.4 V
  • 20 or 28 oersted operate points
  • Open-drain output
  • -40°C to +125°C temperature range

In Stock
Six part types are in stock for immediate delivery:
Part Type
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more info)
Operate Point

(typ. at 2.4 V)
ADL021-14E 20 Oe 55 Hz 120 nW
ADL024-14E 28 Oe 55 Hz 120 nW
ADL121-14E 20 Oe 30 Hz 84 nW
ADL124-14E 28 Oe 30 Hz 84 nW
ADL921-14E 20 Oe Continuous 84 µW
ADL924-14E 28 Oe Continuous 84 µW

Download the updated ADL-Series Datasheet >
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ADL Evaluation Kits 2-Wire Interfaces
With their new, even lower quiescent current, ADL-Series sensors provide plenty of design margin for two-wire interfaces.

Two-wire interfaces need to operate over a wide power supply range. With the sensor off, the circuit must draw a minimal residual current, typically in the range of 1.5 mA. With the sensor on, the circuit must provide enough current to drive a significant load such as a motor or solenoid.

This reference circuit uses an NVE DC001-10 regulator for wide operating latitude over the input voltage range:

Two-Wire Reference Circuit Using a Voltage Regulator
Two-Wire Reference Circuit
The residual current is dominated by the regulator’s quiescent current, which is less than 1 mA and relatively constant over input voltage. A Zener diode can be used instead of a voltage regulator in many applications.
Here’s a live demonstration:
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