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New Year Holiday
Confetti NVE will be closed for business Monday, December 31, 2012 and Tuesday, January 1, 2013.
2012 Year in Review
ConfettiWe wish our readers a successful and prosperous 2013. It was a good year for NVE with new products, expansion, and added distributors:
New Products
    •   IL41050TA Low-Power Isolated CAN Transceivers
Next-generation wide and narrow-body single chip solutions with integrated isolation and transceiver functions.
Angle Sensor Evaluation Kit including a reference design buffer, a spit-pole magnet, and magnet fixturing.
Round horseshoe magnets for wide airgap angle sensors.
Isolator Evaluation Boards, including IL700, IL600, RS-485, and CAN evaluation boards.
New Design Resources
    •   New on-line technical videos, and a new application DVD.
A new collection of popular Isolator reference designs.
New Distributors
    •   Jingshi Technologies was appointed an authorized sales representative in China for IsoLoop Isolators.
•  IS-LINE was named an NVE Sensor distributor for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
    •   NVE expanded production to meet increasing demand, including a new cleanroom bay.
Featured Products
MSOP Isolators
MSOP Package
The world’s smallest isolators, IsoLoop MSOP Isolators can reduce board area by up to a factor of ten compared to single-channel PDIP isolators.

Like all IsoLoop Isolators, MSOP isolators feature minimal signal distortion, wide temperature range, and unlimited life. A “-1” suffix designates an MSOP. IsoLoop MSOP Isolators are available in various input, output, and channel configurations. And, of course, NVE also offers the industry’s broadest line of best-in-class SOIC, PDIP, narrow-body, and wide-body isolators.

Key MSOP isolator features include:
  • 3 mm by 3 mm MSOP-8
  • Passive or digital Inputs
  • One or two Channels
  • CMOS or open-drain outputs
  • 150 Mbps (S-Series)
  • 125C (T-Series)
  • IEC 61010-1 approved

More than a dozen MSOP isolator part types are currently in stock and available for immediate delivery with no minimum order:

Input  Output  Features Max.
IL510-1 2 1/0 Digital CMOS DC Correct 85C
IL511-1 2 2/0 Digital CMOS DC Correct 85C
IL610-1 100 1/0  Passive  CMOS Failsafe;
DC Correct;
Output Enable
 IL610A-1  10 1/0 Passive Open-
DC Correct;
Output Enable
 IL611-1 100 2/0 Passive CMOS Failsafe;
DC Correct
 IL611A-1  10 2/0 Passive Open-
DC Correct
IL710-1 110 1/0 Digital CMOS Output Enable 100C
IL711-1 110 2/0 Digital CMOS 100C
IL712-1 110 1/1 Digital CMOS 100C
IL710S-1 150 1/0 Digital CMOS Ultrahigh
Output Enable
IL711S-1 150 2/0 Digital CMOS Ultrahigh
IL712S-1 150 1/1 Digital CMOS Ultrahigh
IL710T-1 110 1/0 Digital CMOS High Temp.;
Output Enable
IL711T-1 110 2/0 Digital CMOS High Temp. 125C
IL712T-1 110 1/1 Digital CMOS High Temp. 125C
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New Year’s Application Corner
Minimizing SPI Board Area
With MSOP Isolators

If your New Year’s resolution is to to redesign minimizing your SPI board area (a common resolution), consider NVE’s unique MSOP isolators.

Isolating Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI) eliminates ground loops between analog and digital sections and improves resolution by reducing noise. NVE’s unique MSOP isolators minimize board area with the smallest possible footprint.

Here’s an illustration of single-channel isolated delta-sigma ADC using MSOP isolators:

MSOP Isolated SPI Interface

Isolated Delta-Sigma ADC With MSOP Isolators

An IL712-1 isolates the data and an IL711-1 isolates the control lines.

The remarkable inter-device delay matching of IsoLoop Isolators allows the use of two chips without sacrificing channel-to-channel skew.

Of course, all four channels could be isolated with a four-channel IL717 wide-body or narrow-body isolator. The wide-body package provides a full 8 mm creepage distance, but the MSOPs are smaller and still IEC 61010-1 approved.

Four-channel isolators minimize chip count, while MSOPs minimize board area:

Wide-body isolator footprint Narrow-body isolator footprint MSOP isolator footprint
4-ch wide-body isolator
(0.4" x 0.4" footprint)
4-ch narrow-body isolator
(0.24" x 0.39" footprint)
Two 2-ch MSOP isolators
(0.19" x 0.24" footprint)

For more practical SPI circuits and tips, visit the ADC/DAC Application Center or watch this technical video:
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