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January 2010
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Thrilling news, hilarious sidebars, and ingenious applications.
Catch up on what you missed with the 2009 Sensor and Isolator News archives.

In the News
IsoLoop isolators are featured in a story on bus isolation in the December issue of the German trade magazine Elektronik Praxis.
GMR technology dependably isolates interfaces
The article was written by Wolf-Dieter Roth of NVE distributor HY-LINE Power Components.
<Link to Article>

Website Updates
Chinese  A Chinese-language version of NVE’s popular IsoLoop Website has debuted in cooperation with distributor Shanghai Channel.

Like the English site, the Chinese site has a wealth of product information, selector guides, and applications information.

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IsoLoop Isolators are ideal for CAN networks (see this issue’s Isolator Application Corner).

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2009 Year in Review
ConfettiWe wish our readers a successful and prosperous 2010.

Looking back, 2009 was a remarkable year for NVE with new products, new distributors, prestigious awards, and important certifications:

New Products
    •   AAT001-10E Angle Sensors
Tunneling Magnetoresistance technology, large signal, wide airgap tolerance, and extremely low power.
•   AAV003-10E Current Sensors
Typical sensitivity up to a remarkable 2 mV/mA with no amplification.
•   ADL-Series ULLGA GMR Digital Switches
NVE began sampling its smallest packaged parts—just 1.1 ×1.1 × 0.45 mm.

New Distributors
    •   Masters Sp., Central and Eastern Europe
•   Shanghai Electric Channel Science, China 
Awards and Accolades
    •   Top 10 Small Companies In America, named by Forbes.
•   America’s Fastest-Growing Companies according to Fortune Small Business.
Top 20 Product for the AAV003-10E current sensor, according to eepn.
EDN Hot 100 Product award for IsoLoop IL500-Series isolators.

   •   Certified under the new ISO 9001:2008 standard.
New Year Isolator Application Corner

You CAN (and Should) Isolate CAN
By Sandy “Can Can” Templeton
Director, Isolator Product Development and Applications

New Year’s is a good time to resolve to add isolation to your CAN designs.

You know you should.

Isolating CAN allows higher bus speed and more reliable operation by eliminating ground loops and reducing susceptibility to noise and EMI.

IL712 bidirectional isolators are perfect for isolating CAN.

This simple circuit works with any CAN transceiver with a TxD dominant timeout, which includes all of the current-generation transceivers, such as the ubiquitous Philips/NXP TJA1050:

Isolated CAN

Isolated CAN

Best-in-class typical propagation delay of 10 ns minimizes CAN loop delay and maximizes data rate over any given bus length.

IL712 Isolators come in SOIC-8s, PDIPs, and unique MSOP-8 packages to minimize board space. 100°C and 125°C versions are available, and all variants are in stock for immediate delivery.

<Download IL712 Product Datasheet (.pdf)>

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New Year Sensor Application Corner
New Year Sensor Resolution:
More Resolution

By “Sensitive” Jay Brown
Vice President, Sensors

If you have a New Year’s resolution to get more more resolution (and who doesn’t), we have the solution. AAH-Series high-sensitivity magnetic sensors have a minimum sensitivity of an amazing 11 mV/V-Oe—more than one thousand times better than a typical Hall-effect sensor:

GMR vs Hall Sensitivity

Hall Effect Limitations
Hall sensor limitations can’t be amplified away since amplifiers and higher-resolution ADCs also amplify the higher temperature variation and drift of Hall sensors.

High-Resolution Applications
Current measurement, magnetic currency signature detection, and vehicle detection.

Look Ma, No Amplifier!

The AAH002’s high sensitivity makes for a simple, precise ADC circuit:

ADH002/IL514 ADC Circuit

Simple ADC Circuit
Since the AAH002 is omnipolar (a positive output regardless of field polarity), an inexpensive unipolar ADC is fine. The 75 kilohm resistor ensures the bridge output is always positive, overcoming the bridge’s ±5 mV/V maximum offset.
With a 5 volt analog supply and reference, the AAH002 sensitivity is 55 mV/Oe minimum with no amplification, so just a 12-bit ADC provides 0.02 Oe resolution. For even more resolution, a two-resistor divider setting the ADC reference to 1 volt yields 0.004 Oe/bit resolution.

AC Coupling
These types of analog magnetic sensors are often AC coupled, but a simple discrete-time high-pass filter can be implemented in software to eliminate the need for additional components.
Isolation Reduces System Noise
Adding isolation reduces noise by allowing separate digital and analog ground current paths. The IL514 three-channel isolator is specifically designed for this type of three-wire SPI interface.

The isolator can also level shift between 3.3 volt digital and 5 volt analog supplies, and IsoLoop Isolators’ low EMC footprint avoids additional noise.
So resolve to be more sensitive this year with AAH-Series sensors.

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