RoHS Compliance  
NVE is a Leader in RoHS Compliance

Virtually all NVE parts are available in RoHS-compliant packages with lead-free finishes. An "E" suffix generally indicates RoHS-compliant parts. All die and TDFN-packaged parts are RoHS compliant, so the "E" suffix may not be used on these parts.

The electronics industry has been working to provide lead-free products in response to concerns about the environmental impact of the use of lead in solder. This effort is in response to increasing customer demand and directives from governments around the globe to decrease the amounts of lead in consumer electronics products.

Since most lead-free solders being used in board assembly environments have higher melting temperatures than traditional tin-lead solders, higher reflow temperatures may be necessary to form an equivalent solder joint between the component and the PC board. In response, NVE characterizes all lead-free packages using elevated temperature (245°C - 260°C) reflow profiles characteristic of lead-free board assembly.

NVE Environmental Compliance Certificate