NVE Corporation Product Announcement

NVE Launches Isolated Data Couplers
With Integrated DC-DC Convertors

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.—April 20, 2021—NVE Corporation today launched the new IL76xxVE line of isolated data couplers with integrated DC-to-DC convertors.

The new parts are based on the revolutionary IsoLoop® DC-to-DC convertor technology first introduced in the ILDC11xxx stand-alone DC-to-DC convertors.

Key IL76xxVE features include:
  • 250 milliwatt 3.3-to-3.3 volt DC-to-DC convertor
  • 110 megabits per second data rate
  • One millivolt peak-to-peak DC-to-DC output ripple
  • Five kilovolt RMS isolation
  • -40 to 125 degrees Celsius operating range
  • Wide-body SOIC with true eight millimeter creepage

Highest Speed
The couplers are rated at a full 110 megabits per second for high speed and signal fidelity.

Low Ripple
Less than one millivolt peak-to-peak ripple means low noise and reliable systems.

High Temperature
A high-temperature process and high thermal-conductivity package allow operation over the full -40 to 125 degree Celsius range. Overcurrent and thermal shutdown protection ensure safe operation.

Lowest EMI
Frequency hopping and integrated shielding provide the lowest Electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the industry.

Low Parts Count
The integrated isolated DC-to-DC convertors require no additional regulation and ferrite beads are not necessary for EMI mitigation.

Popular Channel Configurations
The new product line has two-, three-, and four-channel versions for a variety of applications including various Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocols.

Available Now
Most IL76xxVE models are in stock for immediate delivery. The IL7616VE and IL7617VE configurations will be available by the end of the second quarter.

The new parts are competitively priced. The two-channel IL7611VE and IL7612VE have end-user prices of $7.20 each in 1000-piece quantities; the three-channel IL7614VE is $7.60, and the four-channel IL7615VE, IL7616VE, and IL7617VE are $8.00.

More Information
Click here to download the IL76xxVE datasheet, or visit www.nve.com for more information.

NVE is a leader in the practical commercialization of spintronics, a nanotechnology that relies on electron spin rather than electron charge to acquire, store and transmit information. The company manufactures high-performance spintronic products including sensors and couplers that are used to acquire and transmit data.

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