NVE Corporation Product Announcement

NVE Introduces Low Voltage Nanopower
Magnetic Sensors for Medical Devices

1.1 Millimeter Square Packaged Part Draws Less than 30 Nanowatts at 0.9 Volts

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.—June 23, 2010—NVE Corporation (Nasdaq: NVEC) today announced the introduction of the BDx27 family of low-voltage nanopower magnetic sensors designed for implantable medical devices.

NVE Low Voltage Nanopower Magnetic Sensors for Medical Devices
The integrated circuits consist of GMR sensor elements, signal processing circuitry to convert the analog sensor element output to a digital output, and optional oscillator and timing circuitry for power management duty cycling.

Configured as a magnetic switch, the sensor output turns on when a magnetic field is applied and turns off when the field is removed. The standard magnetic operate point is 15 oersteds (1.5 millitesla), and custom operate points are available. The operate point is extremely stable over supply voltage and temperature.

Supply voltage operating range is 0.9 to 2.4 volts, ideal for single battery-powered implantable medical devices. The BD027 version is internally duty cycled to conserve power, and typical power consumption is a remarkable 29 nanowatts at 0.9 volts. An integrated latch ensures the output is available continuously. There is also a continuous-duty version, the BD927.

Packaged in ultraminiature, four-pin, 1.1 millimeter by 1.1 millimeter by 0.4 millimeter Ultra Leadframe Land Grid Array (ULLGA) leadless packages, BDx27 sensors are NVE’s smallest packaged parts. For wire bonding assembly, 0.625 mm x 0.625 mm bare die are also available.

BDx27 sensors are lower-voltage, lower-power versions of NVE’s award-winning BD020 magnetic sensors for medical devices, which have a minimum supply voltage of 2.4 volts.

Compared to reed switches, BDx27 and BD020 sensors feature smaller size, more magnetic sensitivity, more precise operate points, and inherent solid state reliability. Ideal applications include battery-powered implantable devices such as pacemakers, ICDs, neurostimulators, and drug pumps.

Datasheets and more information on NVE’s magnetic sensors for medical devices are available at www.nve.com/medical.

NVE is a leader in the practical commercialization of spintronics, a nanotechnology that relies on electron spin rather than electron charge to acquire, store and transmit information. The company manufactures high-performance spintronic products including sensors and couplers that are used to acquire and transmit data. NVE has also licensed its spintronic magnetoresistive random access memory technology, commonly known as MRAM.

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