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Isolator Applications Centers
from the isolator specialists...

IsoLoop digital isolators are the popular choice in a number of applications.

Each Applications Center includes illustrative applications based on real-world customer experience, plus links to selector guides, application bulletins, practical tips, and more:
Related Product
Selector Guide
  Isolated PLCs IL600 Series Isolators
  RS-422 Isolated RS-422 Transceivers
    RS-485 Isolated RS-485 Transceivers
  PROFIBUS Isolated PROFIBUS Transceiver
CAN Bus  
  Isolating CAN Transceivers IL712/IL721
  Single-Chip Isolated CAN IL41050T
Other Serial Interfaces  
  Isolated I²C IL612/IL612A
    Isolated RS-232 IL516/IL612/IL712/IL716    
  Isolated USB IL710/IL712/IL721
  Differential Signal Isolation      IL611
  Isolated SPI 3, 4, and 5-channel Isolators
Precision Audio  
  Isolated I²S IL710S/IL711S
    Parallel Audio DACs IL700/IL200
Power Interfaces  
  Isolated Power Interfaces IL500, IL600, and IL700 Series
    Battery Management Systems 4- and 5-channel Isolators

Isolator Applications Desk: (800) GMR-7141 x4

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